We use Superflow Engine and Chassis AutoDyn Dynamometers with computerized data aquisition systems. After years of researching multiple dyno vendors we chose Superflow due to their engineering and reputation.

Our facility is atmospherically controlled so all pulls are accurate and repeatable. Jim Ford Dyno Service is not a huge corporate shop, where you are just a number. We give each customer personal attention and time. We know you have a lot of money invested in your motor and vehicle and you want to be sure you're spending your money wisely when it comes to testing.

Over 30 parameters can be monitored and logged to the computer during each engine test. A complete printout including graphs accompany all tests.

Tune your engine on the dyno for maximum power. No more endless trial and error methods of the past at the track. See the results instantly! Dynamometer testing costs a fraction of what you have invested. Take the guesswork out of tuning - dyno it!

Computerized Test Console and Data Aquisition System
Sensors for Horsepower and Torque
Sensors for Air/Fuel Flows
Sensors for Coolant Temperatures
Sensors for Air Temperatures
Sensors for Oil and Manifold Pressures
Transducers for Barometric Pressure
Thermocouples for Exhaust Gas Temperatures

Measure power, torque and other engine parameters. Verify performance modifications with precise dyno-proven data aquisition.

Evaluate exhaust systems, lubricants, performance coatings, pinion angle alignment, axle bearings, rear end setup, converters, gearing and u-joints. Verify tire, clutch or torque converter slip. How do these components effect power and torque? No more time-consuming track testing. We can perform short and/or long-term durability tests on engine and driveline components. We can even test front wheel vehicles and motorcycles!